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Mark Udall, United States Senator for Colorado, Visits Gevo, Advocates Alternative Energy Solutions

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - January 17, 2013 - Unites States Senator Mark Udall of Colorado toured and met with Gevo, Inc. (NASDAQ: GEVO) yesterday to discuss the importance of alternative energy technologies for Colorado and the U.S. economy.

Senator Udall met with Chief Executive Officer Patrick Gruber, Ph.D. to discuss renewable energy options and see first-hand the innovative research and development Gevo has done that will enable it to be a leading provider of renewable chemicals and biofuels.  

The Colorado-based company's commercialization efforts are focused primarily on isobutanol, a four carbon alcohol, and its derivatives. Isobutanol is an important platform chemical with broad applications in large chemicals and fuels markets and a "drop-in" product that should allow customers to replace petroleum-derived raw materials with renewable isobutanol-derived raw materials without modification to their equipment or production processes. Isobutanol can drop into existing infrastructure, providing for straightforward integration into existing refining and petrochemical production processes.

Gevo's isobutanol has successfully cleared registration with the U.S. EPA as a fuel additive, is the first isobutanol to be listed in the EPA's Fuel Registration Directory, and is now approved for blending with gasoline. Additionally, Gevo worked with the United States Air Force (USAF) last June to provide fuel for the first successful "alcohol-to-jet" (ATJ) fuel test flight in an A-10 Thunderbolt II.

"Some of the best clean energy thinking in the country, and in fact, the world, is coming out of Colorado," said Gruber. "Gevo is a prime example of how Colorado is a hotbed for development of technologies that solve tomorrow's renewable energy challenges today. We are very pleased that Senator Udall is such a staunch advocate for the renewable energy industry and that he was able to see some of the process technology that makes Gevo a leading renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels company."

Senator Udall remarked that it was a treat to visit Gevo. "I see every day the cost of being so dependent on foreign sources of oil," he said. "What I love about what Gevo is doing is they're helping create a future where we won't be so dependent, where the U.S. can maintain our superiority and, in the process, enhance our national security, keep innovating, and create jobs. Gevo is brewing new formulas, materials, and chemicals for the fuels of the future."

About Gevo

Gevo is a leading renewable chemicals and next-generation biofuels company. Gevo's patent-protected, capital-light business model converts existing ethanol plants into biorefineries to make isobutanol. This versatile chemical can be directly integrated into existing chemical and fuel products to deliver environmental and economic benefits. Gevo started up its first commercial isobutanol facility in Luverne, Minn. and has a marquee list of partners including Coca-Cola, Sasol, and LANXESS, among others. Gevo is committed to a sustainable biobased economy that meets society's needs for plentiful food and clean air and water. For more information, visit

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